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Does your business have a Digital Strategy?

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Does your business have an effective digital strategy in place? If this question has you scratching your head, then you are not alone…

A recent 2014 e-Business survey conducted by Sensis established that whilst 95% of Australian SMEs reported that they were online, only 19% reported that they had some form of strategy for their digital activities.

Any organisation (small, medium or large) that doesn’t invest the time to set a digital strategy is effectively flying blind and runs the risk of throwing good money after bad on their existing capabilities.

Are your online and digital capabilities aligned with your overall business strategy? 

Engaging a holistic lens

An effective digital strategy must be underpinned by a deep understanding of the business and marketing objectives that are specific to your organisation. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to implement the latest trend or tool without considering specific objectives or audience impacts. My experience has been that a ‘cut and paste’ ‘or one size fits all’ approach rarely delivers meaningful results when working with digital technologies.

The importance of monitoring and reporting

A targeted digital strategy also needs to be supported by stated desired outcomes and tangible metrics. Remember that every strategy is based upon a set of assumptions, a plan without appropriate monitoring and reporting will almost certainly restrict your ability to pivot and respond to change.

Making time to review and respond

The advent of digital communications has opened up a real opportunity for companies to establish a ‘two-way’ dialogue with your target audience that wasn’t possible via the traditional ‘one-way’ media channels of print, radio and television.

Don’t forget that this brave new world comes fully loaded with the expectation that organisations will actively monitor and track each of the digital channels that they choose to engage with (web inquiry forms, twitter, facebook etc). Customers and consumers will expect a timely and relevant response when they reach out to your business, so it is important to ensure that these activities are prioritised within your organisation.


The final take

At Vivify Labs we believe that digital capabilities should be held accountable for ongoing performance and return, however, this is very difficult to achieve without establishing a framework of clear objectives that are reviewed on a regular basis.

If your organisation doesn’t have a digital strategy; then I hope that you are asking yourself, ‘Can we afford not to have one?’



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