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It might seem a little bit contradictory, however, Hack Days or Hackathons don’t have to be limited to pure technology companies who employ large numbers of software developers.

Hack Days can also be successfully run in predominantly ‘non-technical’ organisations, particularly if they are themed around a real problem space that encourages creative thinking, experimentation and collaboration. This blog breaks down an approach we took with a recent client.


If you are looking for a quick way to kill a conversation; try asking a friend or colleague how their latest internal IT transformation project is going at work?  Don’t be surprised to see them break out into a cold sweat and visibly age in your presence as they describe an experience that is akin to getting a tooth pulled out by their dentist.

This blog breaks down some of the reasons why these projects are difficult and also offers some suggestions on how to set up internal Business Systems transformations for success.

Building and maintaining high performance teams is the key to ongoing success within an organisation. The process of achieving a successful high performing team can be challenging but the tangible benefits of a truly aligned, well gelled team who understand their purpose is well worth the investment of effort and time to get there.


Many organisations implement a set of company wide KPI's or 'Key Performance Indicators' to drive an organisation, and its 'resources' toward so called success. These KPI's are often chosen by an executive team and reflects the holistic success of EBIT, product performance, market share and so fourth. There is a better way which actually engages the people and teams and encourages a healthy interest in successful delivery output.

Delivering a tailored Hack Day experience for your business is such an important part of achieving your specific goals and objectives as well as engaging with your staff by running a Hack Day event that inspires creative and different thinking. 

Are you generating enough leads from your website? Have you experimented with social media to connect with your customers? Should you be looking to integrate your website with your internal business software?


Does your business have an effective digital strategy in place? If this question has you scratching your head, then you are not alone…

The importance and value for a company to define, understand and execute on the right Data & Reporting Strategy specific to their needs is immeasurable. Many businesses stumble their way through collecting, storing and gaining insights from data, more often than not missing the target.

I've experienced many hack day events over recent years, and the benefits of running such events within an organisation are overwhelmingly clear. For executives looking at these events through a lens of uncertainty, you can be rest assured that they are well worth the effort.




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